What happens during a session?

A Solution Focused Hypnotherapy session is about far more than just hypnosis.   The process starts by understanding how your brain is working to keep you safe and well, and how you can rewire the brain to make desirable and lasting changes.

Each session starts by discussing what is working well to create a positive frame of reference that will contribute to your confidence in managing your situation.

Solution Focus helps you to apply your ‘intellectual brain’, located in your left prefrontal cortex. When we are using this part of our brain, we are being logical, making proper assessments of situations in life.

We then complete the session with hypnosis, guiding you into a trance-like state of focused attention and deep relaxation.

You are given your own hypnotic recording to play between the sessions, to build on the positive work outside the therapy room.

Will I remember what happened afterwards?

You are in control the whole time.  Trance is a natural state, which you probably experience several times a day, usually when you are concentrating on a task, watching TV or driving a familiar route – it is the same feeling when you lose track of time when you are doing something. That’s a hypnotic trance.

In this state, your brain is more responsive to suggestions that are designed to be beneficial and help change unhelpful thought patterns. This means that while the conscious part of your brain is listening, you are also getting through to the subconscious – the part of your brain that drives your responses and causes your reactions.

How long does it take?

Often you will need a few sessions to really cement these changes in place, but because Solution Focus Hypnotherapy is a brief therapy, change can happen in a relatively short period of time.