Online Hypnotherapy Sessions

Hypnotherapy can be offered online, via zoom.  You will be sent a zoom link and it is advisable to log on to the call a few minutes before the start of the session so we can run a quick sound check.

Please read the checklist below and also complete your online consent form before the call, which you will find here.

How to Prepare For An Online Session

Before we meet, there are a few things you will need to prepare to get the most benefit from the session, in particular:

  • Please make sure your room is comfortably warm for you to relax. You will need to support your head (cushions or pillows) and may want to have a blanket to cover yourself. You may also want a glass of water nearby.
  • Please ensure you will not be disturbed or distracted during our call.  (You may want to download a ‘Do Not Disturb Sign’ here to put on your door).
  • A lap-top computer or ipad will work best for our zoom call (rather than a phone) please make sure it is fully charged – and set in a position near to you where you are visible to me while you are lying back, with the volume turned up.
  • You will need to have a reliable Wi-fi connection for our call (at least 6 Mbps). If you are not sure about the strength of your signal, please check it using this test
  • Please make sure your volume is on maximum and your camera is on.