Weight Management Without Stress

Diets don’t work.  The body has a natural defence against anything that attempts to destabilise our natural rhythm of energy in/energy out – which means that any sudden changes in our eating (like calorie restriction or dieting) forces your body to respond as if you were threatened by famine or food shortages: eventually you will not be able to overcome the natural desire to eat more with willpower alone.

Research has shown that although it appears that the amount we eat is under conscious control, in actual fact, it is our subconscious brain that controls our underlying hunger and eating behaviour.

Hypnotherapy can support you in managing your weight loss by using your subconscious mind to work with your natural instincts and helping you change your habits without feeling stressed or overwhelmed.  We work with the brain’s natural system to put you back in control of your appetite and your weight management without causing your mind to feel under threat.

Your body is a remarkable system that is designed to self-regulate.  Working with me over a period of several months will get your weight set-point naturally lower, so that you keep weight off for good, rather than yo-yo dieting that can cause your weight to pile back on as soon as your diet stops.

Initially, we will meet on a weekly basis, to get you started, then we will meet less frequently as you manage your weight over time and feel more healthy and happy.

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