Overcoming A Phobia

Heights, needles, spiders, dentists, motorway driving, flying… a phobia can be very debilitating and feel very real.   Whatever your phobia might be, there is no need to continue to be affected by it, as hypnotherapy is proven to be an effective treatment to overcome your fear in a few sessions.

Caroline is a genius with her hypnotherapy.  We have windows being replaced today and the room is full of spiders.  The window guys are scared of them so I have just had to deal with several big ones to clear the room for them!!  Never in a million years would that have happened before!!!

Phobias can cause you to experience unwanted stress whenever you have to confront some situations and in some cases can have a massive impact on people’s lives.  The good news is that you do not need to struggle with your fear as I can help desensitise you to your phobia and leave you feeling calm and in control, where you once felt afraid.

How can hypnotherapy help? 

Working with a simple phobia, we can overcome it in just 4 sessions:

Initial Consultation, when you can explain what the phobia is and how it affects you. I will explain what happens in the mind when you experience a phobic reaction and how we are going to manage your reaction.   You will leave with a relaxation recording to play at home as preparation for our next session.

Second Session, when you will have hypnotherapy to prepare for the Rewind session.

Third session, the ‘Rewind Session’ to desensitise the phobia and change your reaction in the future.

Fourth session, the ‘Reframe Session’ to create a positive response in your mind so you will always feel calm, confident and in control in the situation when you previously had a phobia.

You can book an initial consultation to overcome your phobia by clicking here