Neston Weight Management Group

If you want to change your relationship with food and manage your weight loss without stress or frustration, this group is for you.  The next programme of 5 sessions, starting Monday September 11th will be fun, interactive, supportive and… effective at helping you to manage your weight by feeling happy.


  •  Mondays 11-12 noon, starting 11th September 2023
  •  Neston Recreation Centre, Raby Park Rd, Neston CH64 9NQ
  •  £10 per session (payable in cash or bank transfer)

What do I need to bring?

  • Please bring a light blanket and cushion/pillow (I will have spares if you need them) for the relaxation part

How will Hypnotherapy help me lose weight?

  • There is no magic wand to weight loss– but having the knowledge as to why you continue to repeat patterns of behaviour that you know are unhealthy is very powerful.  Feeling less stressed is key to long term change.
  • Having simple practical steps that you can take to change these patterns of behaviour gets you on the right track.
  • In our sessions, we take the emphasis away from diet, exercise and weight and focus on feeling good and how to achieve that – because we know that when we feel good we naturally make better choices about food and feel motivated to exercise. 
  • You will notice you are feeling happier – not because you’ve kept to a diet but because you are enjoying life more and feel proud of your reaction to situations.  Happiness is what will make change possible in the long term (weight management is usually just one of the changes that a person makes when they are happier or more confident)

 What will we be doing?

Each class has 3 main sections:

1 – Discovering why our brain lets us over-eat when we know it’s bad for us.  Dieting doesn’t work.  It is not a lack of willpower that stops us losing weight, but our body’s natural system.  When you understand how this works – and what is going on in your brain – you can take back control and make changes that will last.

2 – Choosing a goal.  Each session, you choose a (private, not shared) goal for that week.  It doesn’t even need to be food-related, but it will be something that you will be pleased to achieve that week and give you satisfaction.

3 – Hypnosis to help relax you and allow your brain to start the process of achieving your private goal.

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a relaxed state – to make changes at a conscious and subconscious level.  If you have struggled with weight, the chances are it has caused you to feel stressed and frustrated, which then causes you to eat more and feel even worse than before.

You are in control the whole time.  A trance is a natural state, which you probably experience several times a day, usually when you are concentrating on a task, watching TV or driving a familiar route – it is the same feeling when you lose track of time when you are doing something. That’s a hypnotic trance.

In this state, your brain is more responsive to suggestions that are designed to be beneficial and help change unhelpful thought patterns. This means that while the conscious part of your brain is listening, you are also getting through to the subconscious – the part of your brain that drives your responses and causes your reactions.

Will I remember what happened afterwards?

Yes.  And you will feel good.

If you have any further questions, please get in touch:

Tel: 07788 922722

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