My life feels back on track

“The sessions helped me think more rationally in response to a situation, the solution focused approach is refreshing. I would highly recommend a course of sessions as I found they helped in many ways – remembering the positives, sleeping better, changing how I respond to events, and understanding what is happening when I’m feeling less in control. The sessions with Caroline have helped me through a difficult time and equipped me with strategies to use in the future.”

My Confidence is back

“I used to be quite a confident person, but I suffered with low self-esteem since having my kids, which really affected me and I left my job feeling unable to cope.  After my sessions with Caroline, I feel stronger about life – more calm, relaxed and enjoying life.  I am back at work full time and feel able to cope with whatever life throws me – which at times is quite a lot but now I have strategies to stay positive”