What happens during the Initial Consultation?

The Initial Consultation provides us with a valuable opportunity to meet and discuss how Solution Focused Hypnotherapy will be able to support you in managing whatever unwanted behaviour or habits you want to overcome.

During the 50 minutes we are together, I will explain how the brain works to give you greater understanding of what is causing you to experience habitual responses to situations, and how you can start to take back control of your life.

You will then have a deep relaxation experience to allow your subconscious mind to be open to the idea of changing unwanted patterns of behaviour.  This experience will also be available to you after the session, as you will be sent your own copy of a hypnotic recording that will help you to relax before falling asleep each evening to allow you to drift into refreshing sleep that will support all of the work we do together.

People usually report they are already noticing a difference after they have been for the Initial Consultation and used their recording a few times.  This is the power of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy – it can achieve results in a relatively short period of time and will leave you feeling more positive and resourceful, knowing that you are now taking action to make whatever changes will improve your life.